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Vehicle info

Year 2004
Make Volkswagen
Model Golf R32
Mileage 43K
Color Reflex Silver

My R is a HPA Project Car named "Skelator". It was the test mule for development of the Blackjack Series turbo system, but has recently gone back to receive a Stage III FT650 Twin Turbo with air/water intercooling and water/meth injection.
All aspects of the car have been changed to match the power output. If it's in the HPA catalog, it's on this car...

-HPA Stage III Twin Turbo FT650 Turbo Kit (650bhp/620ftlbs torque)
-HGP 28RS Garret Ball Bearing based hybrid turbos x 2
-Custom exhaust housing with integrated wastegates
-HPA R36 DSG Conversion with long gears and launch control
-Flowbenched Cast Exhaust manifold with external oxygen sensors
-Custom Stainless Steel Heat Shield
-Short runner cast intake manifold
-HPA Catch Can
-Head Spacer Plate lowering compression to 7.0:1
-Custom 70mm down pipes x 2
-HPA custom fuel rail 1" diameter
-850cc Injectors
-Air to Water Charge Air cooler
-Custom Silicone Hoses, Piping, Stainless steel oil lines & brackets
-High flow fuel pumps x 2
-Race grade con rod bearings
-HPA software mapping
-Labonte Stage III Water Meth Injection with 5 gallon remote reservoir

-Street Trim 18psi/Race Trim 23psi.

Transmission & Suspension:
-R36 DSG Gearbox Conversion
-Performance DSG Clutch Packs
-Stage 4 DSG Flash
-Uprated Competition Haldex
-HPA Dog bone Mount
-HPA Custom Catless Exhaust with twin flappers
-KW Club Sport Coilovers with launch shocks
-Neuspeed RSB 22mm
-Uprated Powerflex Polybushes
-Adjustible Lower Control Arms

-HPA Stage III Big Brake Kit Front/Rear with Porterfield R4S Pads and stainless steel lines

-BBS CH (custom powder coated finished) 19x8.5J ET30 with 235/35/19 Dunlop Direzza Star Specs
-Wheel Spacers, front 3mm & rear 5mm (Hubcentric)

Engine dressing:
-JCaps Engine Billet Parts:- Oil, Strut tops, Coolant, Washer bottle, Power steering & Dipstick (all powder coated black)

-Single pod column mount
-30psi Boost Gauge
-HPA Roll Cage
-Recaro Sport Topline Seats heated/cooled w/lumbar and electic adjust
-Scroth 4 point harnesss
-Fire Extinguisher
-ICE install with rearview camera, IPOD, Bluetooth and Nav

-Window Tints
-Stubbie Antenna
-20th AE Smoked Front Lights
-Polo Rear Wiper
-Custom HPA Logo Set

Props- Robert Allen, Curt at Tracktime, and all the people at HPA who have since become family friends.
All of these people I've met since buying the R, and they have become some of my closest friends.

Name Brett Morry
Location Cypress Texas
Occupation Subsea Engineer / Project Manager

What is your favorite beverage?
Nothing beats a fresh squeezed lemonade in the summer or an Irish Coffee in the winter

What is your favorite restaurant/fast food place?
Carrabas - the Chicken Marsala is consistently good

Married with two kids


What would be your dream job?
I have it, in a sense, but if I had a bigger share in the profits it would be perfect

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do with your money?
Buy investment property

Other than cars, what do you like to do with your spare time?  What hobbies do you have?
I read, A LOT... if it's not cars I can be found reading

How long have you owned this car?
Since new, April 2004

What made you want to acquire this car?

I had always had VW's but fatherhood and the need for more room saw me leave VW for a while and drive SUV's (Pre T-Reg). When the R came out my daughter was almost out of College and my son was entering Middle School.. it was the perfect time to buy the car... plus I was always sick of Europe getting all the cool cars and us having to pick up the crumbs... when the R came over I jumped all over it.

So did you do the work yourself or have help?  Who helped you?
I can honestly say the stubbie antenna, the lights, and the side markers I did myself...    the rest I pulled the check book out for...

What was the biggest obstacle while building your car?
Patience... I'm usually an Instant Gratification Guy, but the monies involved meant I had to save for it, which delayed the build and protracted it over a three year period.

When did you realize you were a car guy (what got you into cars)?
From my earliest memories I remember being a car nut.

If money was not an option, what would be your dream car?
I think I have it... I just wish it came with a bumper to bumper warranty

Weekend warrior, or daily driver?
Weekend Warrior

Do you have any other cars your modding?
My wife has stated unequivocally I am not to touch the Audi or the T-Reg ( the chip is between us ). The A6 screams "euro springs" and 19" rims but there's not a chance of me touching that vehicle.

I've been throwing around the idea of the VW Individual W12 kit for the T-reg (R50 kit) and some 22" Porsche Reps but I'll wait until the warranty is up and see if I want to keep the vehicle... that engine is stupid expensive to fit if it breaks outside warranty.