Featured Ride: Mulberry

Words: wetwithwaterwings
Photos: Mulberry

I still remember my first thought upon seeing Ryan Cunningham�s 1995 GTI, �Holy sh*t! a mkiii�that I like?� Before being introduced to Barney (Ryan�s purple dinosaur), I knew little of Volkswagen�s bastard generation. I had seen hundreds of tornado red golf K2�s and sequoia green jettas and never batted an eye, but Barney was special. The mulberry metallic pearl paint (the name is as fun as the colour), the jetta grille, the cammed vr6 under the bonnet; this mkiii was different. It had personality. I was quite new to the VW scene when I met Ryan in 2008. While most people that I talked to at meets were eager to discuss wheels and vortex-famous cars, Ryan seemed to have one focus; his car. He is always happy to share the stories of his trials and jubilations, but please don�t mistake his enthusiasm for conceit. Ryan has worked hard to get his car to its current state. In the 3.5 years since we met, Barney has received a full respray, refinished OZ Monte Carlos, ice cold a/c, and enough maintenance to make it not only a reliable daily driver, but a cross country cruiser with a trouble free trip to SoWo �11 under its belt. I feel fortunate to know Ryan and Barney. Some of my favorite memories are cruising through Huntsville in search of snacks, bat-filled warehouses, and open stretches of road for spirited bursts from the Chewbacca-scored 12v. Thanks Ryan. Thyan.

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