// Begin SMF Gallery $txt['whoall_gallery'] = 'In the Gallery'; // END SMF Gallery Strings $txt['whoall_garage'] = 'Viewing the Garage.'; $txt['whoall_garage_user_garage'] = 'Viewing own garage.'; $txt['whoall_garage_view_own_vehicle'] = 'Viewing own vehicle.'; $txt['whoall_garage_edit_vehicle'] = 'Editing the vehicle %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_edit_modification'] = 'Editing the modification %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_edit_quartermile'] = 'Editing the quartermile %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_edit_dynorun'] = 'Editing the dynorun %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_edit_laptime'] = 'Editing the laptime %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_edit_insurance'] = 'Editing a premium for %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_edit_service'] = 'Editing a service for %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_edit_blog'] = 'Editing a blog post for %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_edit_comment'] = 'Editing a guestbook comment for %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_view_vehicle'] = 'Viewing the vehicle %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_browse'] = 'Browsing Garage.'; $txt['whoall_garage_search'] = 'Searching Garage.'; $txt['whoall_garage_search_results'] = 'Viewing Garage Search Results.'; $txt['whoall_garage_insurance'] = 'Browsing Insurance Reviews.'; $txt['whoall_garage_insurance_review'] = 'Viewing insurance review for %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_shops'] = 'Browsing Shop Reviews.'; $txt['whoall_garage_shop_review'] = 'Viewing shop reviews for %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_garages'] = 'Browsing Garage Reviews.'; $txt['whoall_garage_garage_review'] = 'Viewing garage reviews for %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_quartermiles'] = 'Browsing Quartermiles.'; $txt['whoall_garage_view_quartermile'] = 'Viewing the quartermile %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_dynoruns'] = 'Browsing Dynoruns.'; $txt['whoall_garage_view_dynorun'] = 'Viewing the dynorun %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_laptimes'] = 'Browsing Laptimes.'; $txt['whoall_garage_view_laptime'] = 'Viewing the laptime %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_view_modification'] = 'Viewing the modification %s.'; $txt['whoall_garagesettings'] = 'Changing garage settings.'; $txt['whoall_garagemanagement'] = 'Managing garage content.'; $txt['whoall_garage_unknown'] = 'Playing around some place in the Garage.'; $txt['whoall_garage_add_service'] = 'Adding a new service to %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_add_laptime'] = 'Adding a new laptime to %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_add_dynorun'] = 'Adding a new dynorun to %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_add_quartermile'] = 'Adding a new quartermile to %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_add_insurance'] = 'Adding a new premium to %s.'; $txt['whoall_garage_add_modification'] = 'Adding a new modification to %s.'; // Begin SMF Gallery $txt['whoall_gallery'] = 'In the Gallery'; // END SMF Gallery Strings Credits


Simple Machines wants to thank everyone who helped make SMF 2.0 what it is today; shaping and directing our project, all through the thick and the thin. It wouldn't have been possible without you. This includes our users and especially Charter Members - thanks for installing and using our software as well as providing valuable feedback, bug reports, and opinions.

The Team

Project Support
Michael "Oldiesmann" Eshom, Amacythe, Jeremy "SleePy" Darwood and Justin "metallica48423" O'Leary
Norv, Aaron van Geffen, Antechinus, Bjoern "Bloc" Kristiansen, Hendrik Jan "Compuart" Visser, Juan "JayBachatero" Hernandez, Karl "RegularExpression" Benson, Grudge, Michael "Thantos" Miller, Selman "[SiNaN]" Eser, Theodore "Orstio" Hildebrandt, Thorsten "TE" Eurich and winrules
Support Specialists
JimM, Adish "(F.L.A.M.E.R)" Patel, Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen, Ben Scott, Bigguy, CapadY, Chas Large, Duncan85, Eliana Tamerin, Fiery, gbsothere, Harro, Huw, Jan-Olof "Owdy" Eriksson, Jeremy "jerm" Strike, Jessica "Miss All Sunday" Gonzales, K@, Kevin "greyknight17" Hou, KGIII, Kill Em All, Mattitude, Mashby, Mick G., Michele "Illori" Davis, MrPhil, Nick "Fizzy" Dyer, Nick "Ha²", Paul_Pauline, Piro "Sarge" Dhima, Rumbaar, Pitti, RedOne, S-Ace, Wade "sησω" Poulsen and xenovanis
Brad "IchBin™" Grow, ディン1031, Brannon "B" Hall, Bryan "Runic" Deakin, Bulakbol, Colin "Shadow82x" Blaber, Daniel15, Eren Yasarkurt, Gary M. Gadsdon, Jason "JBlaze" Clemons, Jerry, Jonathan "vbgamer45" Valentin, Kays, Killer Possum, Kirby, Matt "SlammedDime" Zuba, Matthew "Labradoodle-360" Kerle, Nibogo, Niko, Peter "Arantor" Spicer, snork13, Spuds, Steven "Fustrate" Hoffman and Joey "Tyrsson" Smith
Documentation Writers
Joshua "groundup" Dickerson, AngellinaBelle, Daniel Diehl, Dannii Willis, emanuele, Graeme Spence, Jack "akabugeyes" Thorsen, Jade Elizabeth Trainor and Peter Duggan
Kindred, Marcus "cσσкιє мσηѕтєя" Forsberg, Ralph "[n3rve]" Otowo, rickC and Tony Reid
Relyana, Akyhne and GravuTrad
Servers Administrators
Derek Schwab and Liroy "CoreISP" van Hoewijk

Special Thanks

Consulting Developers
Brett Flannigan, Mark Rose and René-Gilles "Nao 尚" Deberdt
Beta Testers
The invaluable few who tirelessly find bugs, provide feedback, and drive the developers crazier.
Language Translators
Thank you for your efforts which make it possible for people all around the world to use SMF.
Founding Father of SMF
Unknown W. "[Unknown]" Brackets
Original Project Managers
Jeff Lewis, Joseph Fung and David Recordon

And for anyone we may have missed, thank you!